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Friday, 27 February 2009

Otis Frampton's "Oddly Normal"

Title: Oddly Normal, volume 1 and volume 2 ("Family Reunion")
Author/Illustrator: Otis Frampton, Sergio Quijada (ill. vol. 2 only)
Published:May 2006/May 2007 by Viper Comics
Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Teen

      Oddly Normal (yes, that's her name) is half-witch with green hair and is miserable in the rain/snow. Up until her tenth birthday, she lives a deary life with her parents (a witch mother who went to the human world looking for "normal" and found Mr. Normal, Oddly's human father), teased and belittled by the kids at school. After an "unfortunate wish," she ends up in Fignation, and under the care of her great-aunt.

      Beginning life as a web comic, this wonderful series has continued to grow (volume 3, "Fignation Times" was released September 2008). It was listed on the American Library Association's "Top Ten Graphic Novels for Youth" in 2007, but has enough substance to keep an adult entertained! If you liked the Harry Potter series, give Oddly a go - the circumstances are different, but the themes - discovery, magic, belief, friendship - are the same.

      This series was recommended to me as an example of a writer who is also the illustrator (first volume only) of his work - but as I delved into Oddly's quirky little world (I desperately want a blinkie for "I love Oopie"! ;-) I found myself becoming attached. Oddly's no shrinking violet, despite what circumstances (and certain English teachers) throw her way, and her adaption to her new life (and friends!) shows us that, while it's not easy, we must believe in ourselves, or we'll never move forward.

      I borrowed both volumes' through the library, and devoured them (not literally, LOL!) on my lunch breaks. I can't wait to get my paws on volume three, but Chapters doesn't carry the series and Amazon.ca is out of stock for the first two, and doesn't even list the third... (whimper, whimper)


Edit: I still haven't read Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Warrior! It's sitting on the bookshelf, taunting me... (along with Susan Carroll's Midnight Bride, though I'm waiting for book one of the St. Leger Legacy before I touch that baby! ;-) But I am determined to get the first part of the Grand Abecedaire SAL done first, especially since part four was just released...

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